Do You Need A Retro Style 70’s Trouser Pattern?

Do you need a retro style 70’s trouser pattern? Then maybe Burda Style 6484 is the perfect pattern for you.

The Pattern

Burda Style 6484

I was looking for a trouser pattern with some 70’s attitude and flare! Burda style 6484, although not immediately obvious, did actually fit the criteria. 

The trouser pattern has a drop waist, with a fit and flare shape to the leg. The leg in the pattern is actually cropped, but if lengthened, gives a great 70’ flared leg. There is a zip fitted to the side, but it can also be fitted at the back seam if preferred. 

The Fabric

I wanted a pair of 70’s style trousers / jeans to go with my Closet Core Sienna Maker jackets. I therefore purchased an extra metre from my local market, which was enough with off cuts to make these trousers. 

Making The Trousers

This is such a quick and easy pattern to make, so much so, it is quite addictive! Just a couple of patterns pieces, along with a facing to form the waist band. 

As always I overlocked all the fabric pieces to stabilise them and preserve the edges.

I used an invisible zip, and set it in at the side seam. However, it works just as well as on the back seam. Either way is fine.

For these trousers, I extended the length and shape of the flare, to give a “boot leg” finish. However, I must say that I adore the original cropped length for the summer. 

On this occasion I went for a relaxed fit. However, if you were using a stretch fabric, you could go down a size for a fitted silhouette.

These trousers can come together in an hour or so, what is there not to like about this pattern!  Depending on the fabric chosen, they are fabulous for a daytime or an evening look. 


The fact that these trousers have no waist band, but instead a self faced drop waist, makes them extremely comfortable to wear. 

The trousers are incredibly fast to make, and the cut is simple and elegant. Every woman need a trouser pattern that is flattering to her shape. This trouser pattern for sure, is now a ‘go to’ pattern for me. 

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I think I have been away from your blog for too long! These are great trousers. Did you use a lengthen/ shorten line higher up on the leg (haven’t ever used Burda patterns) or lengthen at the bottom edge? I really like the flare and would like to get the shape you achieved. It doesn’t look like there is any flare on the original pattern. If you have time, I’d love to hear more about how you altered this pattern. By the way, I too love a faced waist. Less bulk and fuss!

    1. Hello again Suzanne,

      I have finally been re-united with my trousers and I have now measured them! They measure 24 cm / 9.5” at the base of the hem.

      Burda have a few similar trouser patterns, and they are super quick and easy to make. I have just invested in a further pattern, Burda 6152. These trousers also skim and finish at the ankle (as with the previous pattern), with a slight flare. They also have a minimal drop waist band.

      To lengthen the trouser and create a larger flare / boot leg finish:
      A. I added the length to the existing hem, rather than higher up the leg by splitting the pattern and extending it.
      B. I then extend the gentle curve that already just exists on the patterns hemline, continuing in its natural line. You could do this by eye, with a ruler or if you have one, a flexible curved ruler.

      I hope that this helps, and thank you for being so patient in waiting for your reply! I look forward to seeing a version made by you. They come with a warning though, as they are addictive to make being so fast and simple 😉

      Happy sewing!


      1. Suzanne says:

        Hi Michelle, I hope you are well. Thank you so much for your reply with measurements of the flare of the leg opening. I purchase this pattern after seeing yours and am ready to go to my stash for fabric. There was also someone else on Pattern review who wanted the dimensions (don’t recall her name right now), so you’ve started something with these, lol! I appreciate having only a waist facing because I am short waisted and I prefer that look. Also so easy to sew that I often concert skirts to facing only treatments. Thanks again for taking the time to measure and reply! Suzanne (SisterSuzySews on PR)

        1. Hi Suzy,

          That is great news!

          Good luck with your make and I look forward to seeing them on Pattern Review 🙂

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