The Aura Dress by Papercut Patterns, is it my new favourite?

The Aura Dress by Papercut Patterns, is it my new favourite? This pattern is a modern version of the classic wrap dress. Featuring a deep V neckline (unusually both front and back), a cinched waist, and billowing sleeves, this is a statement dress that can be worn casually or for a dinner date.

The Aura Dress by Papercut Patterns

The Pattern

I had my eye on this pattern for a while, and it seems that others did too as it had sold out!

I was so excited when it finally came back into stock, I was already in love with this pattern before I had even made it.

The Aura pattern includes a wrap dress with bishop sleeves, along with a wrap skirt.

The instructions were very simple to follow, it was certainly a dream dress to make.

The Fabric

I used a medium weight woven twill linen to make this dress, that I found in a local fabric shop. The fabric has the perfect amount of body, and surprisingly for a linen does not crease too badly. 

This pattern would I think work equally well in a cotton, light weight wool or suiting for the cooler months. For the evening, I can see it made up from a heavy weight silk, satin or brocade. 

The Make

This was my first attempt at making this dress and sadly I have to admit that I am too impatient to make a toile! So I dived in and simply made the dress according to the instructions.

The dress comes together easily and relatively quickly. It was a very satisfying dress to make up.

My only criticism is that the facings are too narrow and a little mean. I would certainly broaden them next time, and I suggest you do that as well.

I also found the bodice to be a little too long for me. This was of course my fault for not making a toile, or taking the time to measure. I am only 5’1”, so I should have made this adjustment. That being said, I am still pleased with the end result. 

I did however, make two alterations:

A. I widened the opening for the belt, to the actual width of the belt, I hate it when you have squeeze a belt through a small opening causing added bulk at the waist.

B. I did not think that an elastic casing for the sleeve did justice to this stylish wrap dress. I therefore chose to gather the sleeve onto a narrow band, which I think looks more in keeping with the design.   

Tips & Alterations

Although I think that this pattern is pretty much perfect, I will definitely make a couple of further adjustments next time, and I suggest:

A. That I found the body to be a little long for me, which caused the shoulders to slip down and the dress to open, exposing a little too much cleavage! This could also be because there is a V opening at the front and back of this dress. I hope to eliminate this issue by shortening the dress at the shoulders next time, preventing them from slipping down and opening the bodice.

There is still a lot of cleavage on the display, so you may wish to add a bit more to the width and therefore narrow the opening. 

B. The facings for the neckline and front of the dress are rather narrow, and so I would recommend widening them. It is not too much of a problem for the bodice, but I would prefer the skirt to have more of a return facing. 

C. I widened the belt opening to allow the belt to lie flat, and pass through easily. 

D. Rather than fit elastic into a case to finish the sleeves, I gathered them on a narrow sleeve band. I think that this looks far more stylish for an occasion dress. However, if you were making a more casual daytime dress in a cotton for example, then maybe an elastic cased sleeve, will give you the perfect casual look that you are after. 

E. I love the bishop sleeves, but this dress could work equally well with a fitted short or 3/4 sleeve for a more informal look. 

F. Finally the tie belt is made by joining two pieces. I haven’t really found the benefit of this, so if you have enough fabric, then I would recommend cutting it in one piece.         

What do I love about this pattern?

. You cannot go wrong with a wrap dress, they are so easy to fit and wear. 

. The  bishop sleeves add a touch of real drama. Thank goodness that sleeves are finally back in fashion once again, yay! 

. I love the deep ‘V’ back, which echos the front neckline of the dress, which I though was an unusual detail. 

. The front of the dress wraps at an asymmetric angle which is also a stylish touch.

. I love the wrap belt, as it accentuates your waistline and gives an added detail. 


I will definitely be sewing this pattern again, either in a heavier weight winter fabric or something suitable for the evening.

I love the look and feel of this dress and I can already visualise a few versions. I am yet to make the skirt, but I plan to make one or two for the coming season. An easy make with a stylish outcome, I highly recommend it.  

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